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Buenos Aires
Borders Hiperlinks

When we speak of City Borders we do not associate it to the idea of ​​an enclosure that delimits or line that separates sectors with fine precision, the conceptual inclination is to focus in the intermediate and diffuse state or situation between two adjacent moments or situations.
It is "the relationships between" that trigger more questions than answers; from this premise we propose to understand the edge as a space with thickness, articulator of public situations and with very high potential interface in claiming Social inequality.

The search for the research project is to generate multiple Border Concepts over Buenos Aires - pampa territory, examining itself from the historical point of view, urban, environmental, sustainable, cultural, ideological, utopian and poetic. A collective and dynamic space opens up that places the project as a unique instrument of opinion and thought in our discipline.


Proposed Hyperlinks

01_offset-thicken. -02_innundar. -03_ landmark. -04_tentacular. -05_emulsion

All collages by Karla Montauti

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