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International Antarctic Centre.

International Competition

The place is a trace of Memory.

We have proposed a sensitively design that responds to the rescue of memory, the place, the urban coastal edge, the wind, the poetics of the Magellan landscape, the tones, the eroded atmosphere and the ship as the main means of transfer and appropriation of the Strait of Magellan.

Construction of the Memory of a Territory in Amnesia. Inhabiting the Steps of the first settlers in extreme weather and the way they constituted “itinerant shelters” posed in parallel to the dimension of territorial conquest of wandering, the construction of a dwelling and “place” from a structure (branches) and mantle (skins). (Selk-nam tribe)

Situation: Punta Arenas, Chile
Program: Research Centre, Laboratories, Educational, Technical Pier.
Year: 2017

ASN nOISE + Cristian Araya

Associated Architects: Leandro Crook & Karla Montauti

Hand Drawings: Karla Montauti

Sustainability Advisor: Jorge Czajkowski

Assistance: Daniela Morales, Annalisa Giacomini, Matias Guerra, Irene Bowles, Luciano D'Andrea, Juan Bereilh, I-Lan Huang.​

Video: Zapata Films

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