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Legislature Offices, Heritage & Institutional.

Public Competition


Our proposal for the Office Building, Auditorium and Meeting Rooms for the Honorable Legislature of the Province of Mendoza, is developed based on 4 fundamental axes:

1- Its insertion in an urban enclave already consolidated and of high symbolic value.
2- The articulation of this new piece with the existing building of high heritage value, of classic composition and academic style.
3- The arrangement of the programmatic areas in a compact lot and their spatial possibilities.
4- The criteria for efficient design in saving energy consumption in the building

Type: Public Competition

Situation: Mendoza, Argentina
Program: Governement Legislature Offices
Year: 2017

AISENSON Arquitectos

Associated Architects: Leandro Crook & Karla Montauti

Assistance: I-lan Huang, Juan Ignacio Bereilh, Luciano D Andrea, Karina Koch

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