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Legislature Offices, Heritage & Institutional.

Public Competition

honorable legislatura mendoza axonometrica blanca con arte en los muros

Our proposal for the Office Building, Auditorium and Meeting Rooms for the Honorable Legislature of the Province of Mendoza, is developed based on 4 fundamental axes:

1- Its insertion in an urban enclave already consolidated and of high symbolic value.
2- The articulation of this new piece with the existing building of high heritage value, of classic composition and academic style.
3- The arrangement of the programmatic areas in a compact lot and their spatial possibilities.
4- The criteria for efficient design in saving energy consumption in the building

Type: Public Competition

Situation: Mendoza, Argentina
Program: Governement Legislature Offices
Year: 2017

AISENSON Arquitectos

Associate Architects: Leandro Crook & Karla Montauti

Assistance: I-lan Huang, Juan Ignacio Bereilh, Luciano D Andrea, Karina Koch

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