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WW2 Memorial Park Babyn Yar.

International Competition

Babyn Yar Conmemorative Space snowing

Situation: Kyev, Ukraine
Program: WW2 Memorial Park
Year: 2016

AISENSON Arquitectos

Designers: Rodrigo Grassi, Leandro Crook, Karla Montauti

Advisors: Pío Torroja & Tito Varas

Assistance: María José San Román, Matilde Hermann, Lucía Ayerbe Rant, Delfina Ferreiro

Video: ZAPATA Films

“Babyn Yar - Dorohozhychi Necropolis Memorial Park” stands out for its size, variety and beauty, but its main characteristic is having hosted several successive crimes, among which the massacre of September 1941 stands out. The site is reinterpreted in the light of history and the most current conceptions of Human Rights and the Rights of Nature. Bodies and lands have been raped, trampled on, outraged, after successive cover-ups in the massacre ravines, ignorance, complicity and indifference.


The first and fundamental design decision is to assess and Consolidate the limits of the area as a crime scene through a perimeter park, the second is to generate 15 open promenades as an Exhibition Space taking the entire territory, and the third is to create a Solemn Poetic Space that offers its condolences to the victims.

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