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Providencia Municipality Hub.

International Competition

Open to the sky building design in Chile

This building is crossed by the Institutional Urban Axis. At this intersection there is a transitional space of urban quality, a large double-height atrium that organises the entrances to the building and reveals, thanks to the transparency of the enveloping skin, the spatial complexity that occurs inside.

The program is organised around two large voids that vertically cross the building. A first "open sky" void that provides overhead light and spatially enriches the large urban atrium, and a second interior void that pierces the work floors and organises the building's circulatory system.

Type: International Competition 

Situation: Santiago de Chile
Client: Municipalidad de Providencia
Program: Offices
Year: 2017
Area: 2.000.000 sqm

AISENSON Arquitectos + Bauer.

Associated Architects: Leandro Crook & Karla Montauti.

Assistance: Luciano D’Andrea, Juan Ignacio Bereilh, I-lan Huang, Martin Faingold
Ramiro Fernandez, Alexandra Arvelo (Chile), Marialice Fernandez (Chile), 
Alessandra Cabrera De Barragan (Chile), FF de miranda (Chile), Álvaro Manríquez Torres (Chile)

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