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The Public Snake, Programmatic Transformer.

International Competition

Conceptual Development

The Program as a formal and spatial organizer.

The Functional Program plays a fundamental role in the formal and spatial conception of the building complex in general and of each building organisation in particular. The interpretation of the program, and its translation into an abstract scheme of spatial & organisational interrelations, formally and functionally articulate the whole, giving the project a unique character that is typical of a public building of high symbolic value.

Type: International Competition.

Situation: Asunción, Paraguay.
Client: Puerto de Asunción.
Program: Government Offices, 6 Buildings for Secretaries and Ministers.
Year: 2016
Area: 70.000 sqm

AISENSON Arquitectos

Designers: Rodrigo Grassi, Karla Montauti, Leandro Crook

Assistance: Andrés Mathiess & Francisco Gorostiaga

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