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Metropolitan City Park.

HONORABLE MENTION - Public Competition

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The main guiding concept of the City Park project is that of a Perimeter Park with an intensive use border that surrounds and protects a pre-existing natural reserve of the biosphere in its interior, enhancing and recovering the historical legacy of the buildings of patrimonial value that is housed inside. The layout of a perimeter park on the edge resolves an optimal spatial transition between the space of the consolidated city and the space proposed as a nature reserve.

It is consolidated as a pedestrian ring of intensive use without time restrictions, composed of a system of green spaces and sports activities complemented by service spaces and places of small commercial concessions, guaranteeing a necessary urban vitality of activities throughout its perimeter at multiple times.

Award: Honorable Mention

Situation: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Program: Metropolitan Park
Year: 2017

AISENSON Arquitectos

Associated Architects: Leandro Crook & Karla Montauti 

Special Collaborators: Juan Ignacio Bereilh & I-Lan Huang

Advisors: Hernán Ariel Rodriguez, Pablo Bolaño & Sergio Carbetta

General Assistance: Martín Faingold, Ramiro Fernandez, María Emma Pannozzo, Luciano D`Andrea

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