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CMA - Audiovisual Metropolitan Centre.

Public Tender - National Competition

Boceto de Seccion para Centro Metropolitano Audiovisual en Buenos Aires

The Audivisual Metropolitan Center is an urban anchor piece in the city of Buenos Aires, it is a milestone of the meeting of the world of cinema, filmmaking studios and the artistic world of the Colegiales neighborhood for the Audiovisual Pole.

Designed under a strict contemporary language, it introduces a resource of folding and unfolding in the morphology as a dynamic attitude impregnated with new programmatic concepts such as co-workings, co-living rooms and co-cooking & co-banking.

Type: Public Tender - National Competition


AISENSON Arquitectos

Designers: Rodrigo Grassi & Karla Montauti

Hand Drawings: Karla Montauti

Renders: Moebius.

Situation: Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Client: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires.
Program: Audiovisual Metropolitan Centre, Mixed Uses, Cinema Studios.
Year: 2019
Area: 48.000 sqm

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