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Rescuing the Historical Axis - Paseo del Bajo Linear Park.

Public Competition

Nocturna del Eje Historico de Buenos Aires

The proposal has as its Central Objective the Re-Composition of the Historical Axis of Buenos Aires, through an urban response, integrating the Historical District from the formalisation of a new urban piece

"The City Hall" guaranteeing the continuity of the Public Space of the Axis Congress - Casa Rosada - Ecological Reserve & Río de la Plata.

Buenos Aires re connection with the water on the Foundation Historical Axis of the city, where the main port used to be during colony. 

Location: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Client: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Program: Linear Park & Urban Design
Year: 2017

Developed with AISENSON Arquitectos

Designers: Rodrigo Grassi, Leandro Crook, Karla Montauti

Advisors: AcyA & Arq. Horacio Dominguez

Assistance: Leandro Chávez, Alejandra Quaglia, I Lan Huang, Agustino Mercado, Luciano D’Andrea, Juan Ignacio Bereilh

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