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Unesco Heritage Corner for Bank Expansion.

FIRST PRIZE - Private Competition

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Consolidation and enhancement of this block of high heritage value certified by UNESCO.

Our proposal for the New Bancor Business Center Building, is expressed as a new step in the consolidation and enhancement of this block of high heritage value, located in the buffer area of ​​the Jesuit Block of Córdoba, understanding it as a single complex in which both the architecture of historical value and contemporary architecture must be articulated in a harmonious and balanced way, recognizing the virtues of each one of its components to form a single and integrated set.

Award: First Prize - Private Competition - Under Construction

Situation: Córdoba, Argentina
Client: Banco de Córdoba - Bancor
Program: Bank Headquarter
Year: 2018-2021
Area: 2.000.000 sqm

AISENSON Arquitectos + Methanoia

Associated Architects: Leandro Crook & Karla Montauti

Advisors: Lucas Deniro, Alfredo Benassi & Fernando Saludas.​

Assistance: Sofía Moneta, I Lan Huang, Juan Ignacio Bereihl, Martin Faingold, Marcelo Ramos, Alex Andino, Agostina Giovo

Renders: Methanoia

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