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Unesco Heritage Corner for Bank Expansion.

FIRST PRIZE - Private Competition

concrete building facade for UNESCO heritage cornet at Cordoba

Consolidation and enhancement of this block of high heritage value certified by UNESCO.

Our proposal for the New Bancor Business Center Building, is expressed as a new step in the consolidation and enhancement of this block of high heritage value, located in the buffer area of ​​the Jesuit Block of Córdoba, understanding it as a single complex in which both the architecture of historical value and contemporary architecture must be articulated in a harmonious and balanced way, recognizing the virtues of each one of its components to form a single and integrated set.

Award: First Prize - Private Competition - Under Construction

Situation: Córdoba, Argentina
Client: Banco de Córdoba - Bancor
Program: Bank Headquarter
Year: 2018-2021
Area: 2.000.000 sqm

AISENSON Arquitectos + Methanoia

Associated Architects: Leandro Crook & Karla Montauti

Advisors: Lucas Deniro, Alfredo Benassi & Fernando Saludas.​

Assistance: Sofía Moneta, I Lan Huang, Juan Ignacio Bereihl, Martin Faingold, Marcelo Ramos, Alex Andino, Agostina Giovo

Renders: Methanoia

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