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Urban Scar. Market + 4x4 Terminal for Favelas.


Edificio en blanco y negro de mercado y terminal de jeeps en Favela de Caracas

This project research is based on the study of the border strips between the "spontaneous city" and the "planned city". The edge between the mountain and the adjacent avenues of the Favelas. 

The proposal generates a merger of 2 hybrid public programs: a Market and a Jeeps Terminal. This binomial seems at first sight to be disconnected from each other, but in practice they are unified by the use of people. Currently users buy from the peddlers the daily food while they line up to get on the rustic, as a resource of use of time. 

The building seeks to give a sense of “bridge” between two realities divided both urbanely and socially for different historical reasons. The “V” shaped roof is a large collection space, which symbolizes the opening towards the neighborhood and towards “the planned city”, thus evoking social integration under one roof.


2012 Best Final Project Thesis Degree. UD9 - FAU - UCV.

2016 Honorable Mention & exhibition at Salon Malaussena.

Situation: Favela Carapita. Caracas, Venezuela.
Institution: Universidad Central de Venezuela.
Program: Market, 4X4 Rustic Terminal for Favelas.
Year: 2012.

Authorship:  Karla Montauti.

Academic Tutor: Ana María Marin.

Assistance: Pablo Zapata, Joel Valencia, Nathalie Torres, Luigi Lobig.

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