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University for Innovation Park.

International Competition

educacion del futuro

The spatial organization of the educational complex takes place around a central axis that crosses the terrain from end to end, concentrating and clearly linking the public functions of the building, linking in a progressive sense the Boulevard de la Innovación with Calle Camposalles. This axis, which in PB orders the income system, folds and crosses the building vertically, articulating a continuous and complex spatial system, which gives the interior of the proposal a bombastic spatial dimension of the public.

Everything is related to that large central space of multiple heights that is crossed by a helical staircase that proposes backwaters in height to occupy circumstantially with various activities, encouraging informal exchanges of knowledge between users in the most social areas of the building, at the same time as these rediscover the views of the city from the heights. This work raises the hypothesis that the contemporary learning space par excellence is not limited exclusively to the physical space where classes are taught.

Type: International Competition

Situation: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Client: Gobierno de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires
Program: College for Innovation Park
Year: 2019

AISENSON Arquitectos

Associated Architect: Karla Montauti

Advisors: Fernando Saludas, Jorge Czajkowski, Magdalena Osternol, Ismael Rosario, Silvia Bernatene

Assistance: Alex Andino, Gabriel Ramírez, Juan Ignacio Bereilh, Ismael Pietri, Victoria Sabatini, Julieta del Villar

Renders: Dynamis 3D

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