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World's Exposition Buenos Aires 2023.
Master Plan & Bridge

UNANIMOUS FIRST PRIZE - International Competition


Buenos Aires will host the 2023 World's Exposition, for the first time since 1851 a Latin American country will host. The event will last three months dedicated as a theme to the Creative Industries in the Digital Convergence. 


​​The great Pedestrian Bridge establishes an Urban symbol of integration between the City and the Province of Buenos Aires: "Conceptually it is two pieces embedded in the form of C. Perceptually there is a displacement of the Province towards the City and the City in the Province".

​In the Legacy Stage, it is proposed to consolidate a large Biodiversity Park - Campus of Creativity, whose scale will turn it into a new metropolitan green lung. Each country will contribute landscapers of the International Exhibition composing with elements of its own culture and tradition.

Award: First Prize International Competition

Situation: Buenos Aires, Argentina
Client: Bureau International des Expositions: BIE

Endorsed by: Sociedad Central de Arquitectos SCA Argentina
Program: Pedestrian Bridge, Boulevard, Master Plan, Legacy Metropolitan Park, Exhibition Space for World's Expo 2023
Year: 2019-2023
Area: 2.000.000 sqm / 200 Ha.

Authorship: Karla Montauti, Rodrigo Grassi, Pablo Pschepiurca, & María Hojman.

Advisors: Lucas Deniro, Alfredo Benassi & Fernando Saludas.​

Assistance: Juan Bereilh, Alex Andino, Ismael Preti, Victoria Sabatini, Florencia Gatti & Julieta del Villar.

Renders: Dynamis 3d.

​All hand drawings by Karla Montauti

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